A day in the life of…

A day in the life of…

We follow a typical day in the life of Genevieve Govender.

I am the Funds Account Manager in the New Business and Umbrella Team. Our responsibility is to ensure that financial, system, risk and compliance is executed timeously and to the expectations of our employers and Board of Funds.

Accounting and mathematics is my passion so studying business science at the UKZN was the only option for me. Being in the retirement fund industry for 10 years now has grown my passion for this industry. I have completed an NQF Level 5 Certificate in Financial Planning at Milpark Business School, giving me a better understanding of the industry.

My day starts at 05.00 am. A quick shower, my daily prayers and my affirmations for the day. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and I believe that my positive affirmations are going to “consciously create’’ a positive day for me. It’s then time to get breakfast and lunches ready for my hubby and daughter. Then, I wake my three year old for the daily ritual of arguing about what the dress code is for the day and why she has to go to school. We leave the house by 06.45 am and its school drop-off. The time together from school to work is quality time for my hubby and I to bond and get ready for our day.  I am lucky to live close to work and hubby drops me off at work by 07.15am and I am ready to start my day.

The most important function of working in the finance department and our daily functions of loading and authorising all claim and adhoc payments and dealing with money – we have to be accurate and action things timeously. Also dealing with employer, consultants and Board of Fund requests for reports and ensuring we provide them with accurate reporting.

I enjoy the young, vibrant and enthusiastic fund accountants in the finance department. They are always eager and willing to learn. Training them and seeing their growth is rewarding for me. They keep me on my toes and motivate me.

Our biggest challenges are the strict deadlines that we have to meet for SLA’s, FSCA deadlines for submission of financials and internal SLA’s.

How do I unwind after a hectic day? Cooking is my passion so preparing a meal for my family with a glass of wine or the bottle (lol) close by helps me to unwind. Then its family time with my daughter and hubby.