How to make a pit bull smile

How to make a pit bull smile

It’s always gratifying when one is able to help others, be that humans or animals. We spoke to Jolene Grace about her work with the NGO, Pitpals.

Giving an animal attention and love and seeing the affection in their eyes when they learn to trusted again after being hurt by a human but yet gives a human a second change.  That is priceless!

Some years back, in June each year, I started collecting food, blankets and toys from friends and family for different animal shelters.  As the years went by the donors grew to biker clubs and business owners also donated.

Pitpals was brought to my attention when Cape Town was going through water restrictions and we were very close to Day Zero. There was an appeal on Facebook for water for Pitpals.

My heart broke to think it was so hot and these animals had very little water. I put the word out and boom water started streaming in!

Pitpals is involved in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of pit bulls and other power breeds. They work with dogs from a variety of backgrounds: fighting; backyard breeding; neglected cases and dogs that have been in a home and have had to be rehomed. Each dog enjoys their own enclosure. The large run area allows them to play on obstacle structures and with toys, ropes, and couches. They are also walked daily by the staff at our facility.

Regarding over-aggressive pit bulls, a trainer works on rehabilitating them.  Mostly, a pit bull is not human aggressive, but may be dog aggressive. This can be for a variety of reasons (one being that they are not ‘pack’ dogs, and prefer being on their own or with one other dog).  We do help these dogs to become familiar with others, but they often need to be homed as an only dog.

If there are any other Salties out there helping others – humans or animals – to smile, please tell us about it.