Water… Water

Water… Water

Our friends in the Cape are happier now than they were last year this time but will never take water for granted again. Whether you’re in Gauteng or Cape Town, we all need to respect water as a scarce commodity. Here are 6 very basic tips which can make a big difference:

• Limit your shower time.
Did you know that if you have a shower of 5 minutes or less, you can save up to 21 000 l of water a year?

• Switch the water off while shaving or brushing teeth.
If you’re at the sink, don’t let the water run away while you’re brushing. If you’re in the shower and shaving your legs, switch off the shower.

• Fix any leaks.
Scary scenario this one – litres of water lost without knowing about it. And if you’re in a water-restricted region, you’ll only find out when you get a massive fine!

• Grey water to flush toilets.
When showering, what happens to all that water used while you’re waiting for the water to warm? Collect it in a bucket. If you’re enjoying a bath, scoop that water into a bucket and use it to flush the toilet. The average toilet flush takes 10 l so this can be a very good savings.

• Brick in the toilet.
Staying with the toilet theme, put a brick (or similar) in the cistern. It’s not rocket science – for each use, it refills and flushes with less water.

• Full loads only.
Whether it’s the washing machine or dishwasher, don’t start the cycle until you have a full load.

Whatever you do, try looking at water in a new, fresh and caring way.