Fund Administration


Fund Administration

Retirement Fund Solutions & Client Services

  • Stand-alone or umbrella solutions.
  • In-house and/or 3rd party administration.
  • Comprehensive benefits structures.
  • Integrated administration system.
  • Management of multiple benefits, pay-points and collections.
  • Investment risk profiling and benefits design.
  • Comprehensive human resources support.
  • Service level managed workflow and escalations.
  • Member education and support.

What we do well:

  • Administration: Assist our clients’ finance, HR and payroll departments with effective retirement administration.
  • Members: Members have access to online benefits statements and receive regular communications with world-class retirement education from Retirement Wise. Easy access via our Call Centre for queries reduces the burden on employers.
  • Compliance: We make sure that the fund and its trustees meet all statutory and fiduciary obligations. Monthly reports detail service statistics and compliance with the service level agreements.

The effective co-ordination of these three components ultimately delivers effective retirement fund administration. Being independent, Salt EB offers impartial advice to fund consultants or clients directly regarding the appropriateness of benefit structures.