Let’s not lose sight of AIDS

Let’s not lose sight of AIDS

December 1ST is World AIDS Day – please wear a red ribbon to support those living with aids and to remember those who succumbed to AIDS.

By now, we are all very aware of the statistics and precautionary measures surrounding COVID-19, but have we perhaps lost sight of another equally serious infection called AIDS?

According to the latest UNAids report:

  • 7 700 000 South Africans are living with HIV
  • Among adults in the 15 -49 year category, 20.4% are living with HIV.
  • Of the 7 700 000 living with HIV, 62.67% are women.
  • South Africa has the world’s highest burden of HIV infection.

Yet, it is estimated that 23% of women and 31% of men infected are unaware that they are living with HIV. Consider talking to your GP or healthcare facility about an HIV test if you suspect that you might be part of the statistics unaware of infection.

We’ve provided a link below to a reputable source to find out more about how you can become infected with AIDS and how to avoid AIDS. What is very important to know is that, like COVID-19, there should not be a stigma attached to AIDS. We have also attached a link which could help people living with HIV or to encourage friends and family who have AIDS. The AIDS 2020 global conference had encouraging news about possible cures and new protocols for HIV sufferers so one should not give up hope but continue to take treatment prescribed and live a happy and productive life. Life is good!