Salt EB Food Hampers Reach KZN

Salt EB

Salt EB Food Hampers Reach KZN

We completed another food drive in Lotus Park, KZN on Monday, delivering food parcels to over 500 people.

The compassion and drive shown by Eddie and Salt EB says something about our company and we should be proud of this. It’s not just a question of dropping off food hampers. It takes an enormous amount of risk mitigation and logistical planning. As you can imagine at this time of desperately hungry communities and the ever-present risk of COVID-19 infection, this project does not come without risk to the Salties involved. The presence of SAPS helped to keep us safe and once again, we were grateful for their support.

The KZN initiative differed from the previous operation as the names of recipients were motivated by our Salties. A SMS was sent to all the recipients last week, personally inviting them to fetch their food parcels at a specific time and place. The SMS also urged recipients not to spread the word so that we could control crowds. Recipients had to bring their identity documents to ensure that the food reached the intended people.

Exhausting and stressful but Salt EB raised a lot of heart-warming smiles in Lotus Park, KZN because that’s what we do!

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